Thanksgiving Post

November 27, 2013

Our regularly scheduled critique of the academy will resume on Monday. Unless something crazy happens or I just decide to throw up a bunch o’ GIFs, there will be no Friday blog post. I’ve got the day off from teaching, and so I’m going to use it to visit with friends and hang out.

For now, a few things for which I’m thankful:

  • My husband, Ryan, who is a force of positivity in my world. It mostly sounds like a cliche when I talk about how awesome he is, but, really, he’s the best: smart, supportive, funny, and creative and grounded at the same time. Oh, and he does all the dishes. Gotta love a man who does the dishes.
  • My parents and sister, who are always there for me, even in hard times and career crises.
  • My husband’s family, who have welcomed me with open arms, even though I’m an academic weirdo and none of them really get that.
  • My friends, near and far, inside and outside academia, who have always listened to me without judging.
  • Academic/Adjunct Twitter: I spend far too much time on Twitter, but it’s a great way to feel like part of a community. Unlike Facebook, which is just a depressing k-hole of baby pictures and news about books and tenure, Twitter is a vibrant public space. I’ve known that about Twitter for a long time–I’ve been on it since 2008–but in the past month, adjunct Twitter really opened up for me. Folks like @pankisseskafka, @professorF74, @kelly_j_baker, @EstherRawson, and @FromPhDtoLife, among many others, are all antidotes to the loneliness of the adjunct cubicle. And that has made a world of difference in how I think about my next steps in my post-ac career.
  • Health insurance. As last week’s blog posts on whooping cough and infertility attest, good health insurance is important. I know that a lot of people don’t have it–and, until last year, I was one of those people. From 2008-2009, I was uninsured. From 2009-2012, we had low-cost, high-deductible insurance. Now, we have comprehensive coverage. It’s a world of difference.
  • Enough students have registered in my classes for next semester, so they’re guaranteed to run. I’m still looking for other work, but some income is better than no income.
  • And, finally, thank you to the people who are reading this blog. I’m quite astounded by the number of people who started reading it in the past month, and I hope that at least some of you will stick around.

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